Winter weekend competition - mid season ladders

We are just over the half way mark for Winter weekend competition. Hawthorn teams are doing well and expecting a strong finish in the second half of the season!

Weekend ladders:

Tennis Victoria Pennant

  • Women’s Grade 2 S1                    2nd

  • Women’s Grade 3 S1                    4th      

  • Women’s Grade 4 S3                   6th

  • Women’s Grade 5 S1                    6th      

  • Men’s Grade 4 S2                          2nd

  • Men’s Grade 6 S2                          7th

  • Men’s Grade 9 S3                          1st

  • Men’s Grade 10 S3                        6th

  • Men’s 45+ Doubles S3                 4th


  • Open singles/doubles S3            3rd


  • Mixed doubles S5                           5th

Junior ERT Winter comp

  • Rubbers 2                  3rd

  • BSD 5                          3rd

  • JOSD1                          3rd

Summer Comp Grand Finals - Saturday 25th March - Go Hawthorn!

We have 3 Hawthorn teams competing in the Bayside Summer Competition Grand Finals on Saturday 25th March.

For anyone interested in cheering our teams along, play starts at 1pm and will be at the following venues;

  • Women's Singles/Doubles Section 1 - playing at Dendy Park TC
  • Men's Singles/Doubles Section 7 - playing at Beaumaris LTC
  • Mixed Section 6 (Team #2) - playing at East Malvern TC

Good luck!

Winter Competition - embrace that competitive spirit!

The Club is currently finalising teams for the 2017 winter competition season. We are looking to submit teams in the Bayside (BRTA), Eastern Regions (ERTA), and Tennis Victoria Pennant competitions this season. Teams need to be submitted in early March, with the winter season commencing in later April. 

We encourage you to contact the Club if you are interested in playing winter competition tennis (if you haven't done so already). Part time/every second weekend/'emergency only' players also welcome!