New HTC clothing now on sale!

Please talk to a committee member if you are interested!


Dear members

Late last year the Committee approved a new logo and now have ready for sale a new range of clothing suitably branded including:

Men’s polo shirt (S, M, L & XL)                                         $35

Men’s crew neck shirt (S, M, L & XL)                              $30

Women’s polo shirt (10, 12, 14 & 16)                                $35

Women’s v-neck shirt (10, 12, 14 & 16)                            $30

Visor                                                                                         $15

Cap                                                                                           $15


Vest/Jackets – pre-order

We also have sample vest/jackets (S, M & L) which can be ordered:

Soft Shell Navy Vests                                                         $80

Soft Shell Navy Jackets                                                     $95


Jacket, Visor, and Women's V-neck shirt

Jacket, Visor, and Women's V-neck shirt