2018 HTC Club Championships

Dear Members, 

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2018 HTC Club Championships. The recently concluded Winter Pennant season will have been a perfect warm-up opportunity for players ahead of the Club Champs!

The format/dates for this year’s events are as follows:  

1. Saturday 1st September - Open and Junior Events 

2. Saturday 8th September - Graded and President’s Cup Events


All current 2018/19 paid up members are eligible to participate. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, you will need to do so prior to the end of August to be eligible to play. 


1. Saturday 1st September - Open and Junior Club Championships 

Open events commencing at 10 am: 

  • Women's Singles  
  • Women's Doubles  
  • Men's Singles  
  • Men's Doubles  
  • Mixed Doubles 

Junior events commencing at 1.00 pm: 

  • Girls Singles 
  • Boys Singles 
  • Girls Doubles 
  • Boys Doubles  


2. Saturday 8th September - Graded and President’s Cup Events

Graded and President’s Cup events commencing at 10 am: 

  • Graded Women's Singles 
  • President’s Cup Women’s Singles (for first round losers in the Open Women’s Singles) 
  • Graded Women's Doubles  
  • Graded Men's Singles 
  • President’s Men’s Singles (for first round losers in the Open Men’s Singles) 
  • Graded Men's Doubles  
  • Mixed Doubles  

NOTE: eligibility to play in the graded events - 

  • Women: Grade 4 pennant standard and below 
  • Men: Grade 8 pennant standard and below

N.b. players eligible to play in the graded events are also welcome to play in the open events. 


All matches will be held on the one day (Saturday 1st or Saturday 8th). Matches will be a 'fast' format' - first to 4 games (tie-breaker at 4-4). Finals matches (normal 3 set format) will follow in the late afternoon of each day.  The draw for each event will be posted on the HTC website (www.hawthorntennisclub.com) on the Thursday prior as well as pinned to the Clubhouse notice board on the morning of the Competition day. At the close of the day will be a Presentation for the Winners and Runners Up of each event and a few well-earned beers/glasses of champagne!  

Entry is $10 per person/per event - money will be collected on the day. Club clothing will also be available for sale on the day. 

This is as much a social event as much as it is about the competition! Please bring a plate to share for lunch/afternoon tea.

 Feel free to come down to the club to enjoy the competition even if you are not planning to compete. 

If you are interested in playing, please reply by email (info@hawthorntennisclub.com) with the events you would like to enter by Monday 27th August. If you are planning to enter a doubles event, please include the name of your doubles partner or alternatively note that you would like to be paired with someone. 

If you have any further queries please contact us at info@hawthorntennisclub.com.